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If all went well you should be listening to one of my favorite songs. "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" became famous in WW II by the singing Andrews Sisters and was revived over the years--I think most recently by none other than Bette Midler. Since Maggie's love of our military spanned the 40s to the 70s I thought this was a good place to play this wonderful song.


As time and space permits I'm going to be placing photos of Maggie's Team House on this page. So many Vets were welcomed at her door while she was alive and well. BUT even more folks wondered what her home really looked like. Well I've been there several times and have photos as well as video of it. I plan to post many of my photos right here. Click on the thumbnails to see the larger photo!

Belle Pellegrino and I went to California in 1990 for two reasons. The first was to attend the COL Maggie All Airborne Services annual September Labor Day weekend reunion. The second was to spend time with Maggie herself--and that we did. This photo shows (L-R) Noonie, Maggie and Belle.

To get started--here are some photos I took of the outside of the house taken in 1990 and again in 1991 before she remarried. This simple one floor ranch house was located at 1153 Roscomare Rd in Bel Air, CA. Somewhere in my files is a photo of me sitting on the curb with my luggage after the taxi dropped my friend, Belle Pellegrino, and I off at the house--when I come across it--I'll post it also.

This photo shows the attached garage (on the left which held a Mercedes she couldn't drive and boxes full of old military uniforms), part of the guest bedroom, the Team Room itself, some of the scrubs and the small white picket fence separating the property from the city sidewalk. What I didn't happen to catch in this photo was the flagpole which was in front of the tree at the far left side of the picture--Maggie proudly flew the US Flag all the time. The last time Britt Small visited Maggie, he replaced a tattered flag on the pole--he told me that he still has her old tattered flag in his home!

This photo was taken from a little further into the street as I was trying to get the entrance walkway into the frame. Next to the garage was her small office, then the guest room, kitchen and finally the Team Room with the large bow window.


This picture shows the right end of the house which shows the entranceway and one of the master bedrooms.



This photo is a close-up of the entranceway to her humble abode. In three of these pictures you can clearly see one of the many signs indicating Maggie's Team House!


I shall now take you for a tour of what use to be Maggie's home.

As you went through Maggie's front door it was like you walked into a different world.

Now I'm not an artist by any means--but here is a poor--I admit it--drawing of the layout of her home. Maybe this will help explain the rooms as I post the photos.


As you walked up the walkway towards her door--naturally the first thing you saw was the MAGGIE'S TEAM HOUSE sign. Then the doorway with a large plaster frog sitting next to it. Its funny--cause Maggie had told me that her front door key was under the floor mat--but it wasn't there. How's that for trusting her neighbors and friends?

Upon opening the door you would be in the foyer. To the right was a hallway going towards a bedroom. On the right side of the hall was a bathroom with just a toilet in it. She proudly displayed a urinal sticker on the toilet cover. On the left side of the hall was a closet where some of her dress clothing, coats and uniforms were. Before getting to the bedroom was another hallway to the left which held a large linen closet. The hallway went between the front bedroom and Maggie's bedroom.

The front bedroom was where her nurse stayed when I was there in 1990--I stayed in that room on subsequent trips. There was another doorway that went into the master bathroom and directly across from that door was another door going into Maggie's bedroom. These photos start on the right as you entered this bedroom. The door to the master bathroom was to the left of the TV.


I skipped taking photos of the master bathroom and Maggie's master bedroom at her request. Though I did take some video of her bedroom she didn't want me to include her as she was in her bed at the time. But I will tell you that at the foot of her bed was a TV connected to a VCR system that Rock Hudson had given her as a gift. On her dresser was a beautifully signed photo from her friend Margaret (Truman) Daniel, daughter of President Harry S Truman. With the exception of a dressing table and a large bathtub the master bathroom was just like any other.

Back at the foyer--if you walked directly forward you would enter the combination living room, bar and dining room. It was really one huge room. Surprisingly there were two fireplaces in the room. The living room area was first.


The bar was at the back side of the room with a sliding door going onto the patio. There was a very large photo of Bob Hope handing the Jean Hershold Humanitarian Oscar to Maggie just to the left of the patio doorway. Due to all the windows across the back wall these photos didn't come out very well--sorry. But one that did is the picture of the beautiful quilt that had been made for Maggie.


The dining room was to the left side which also had a doorway that went into the kitchen.


As you went through the door from the dining room area you walked into the kitchen with the refrigerator on the left. There was a breakfast nook area directly ahead. As you can see there is a note on the blackboard above the dry bar. Maggie had written "Gob Bless My Nick" on it. The calendar on the wall was the month in which Nick Condos had passed away. I don't think Maggie ever got over losing him even though they had been divorced for many years--he was her daughter's father, he was still Maggie's manager and in her life.


To the right of the nook was the sink and cabinets. On the far right side was more cabinets as well as lots of counter space. As you first entered this room from the dining area on the right was the stove. In the center of the room was a butcher block island.


At the right end of the kitchen you took a right turn into another hallway. Just around the corner on the left was the guest bedroom. Next on the left was the guest bathroom which had photos and posters from Maggie's movie "Billy Rose's Jumbo" all over it. Directly ahead was the laundry area and if memory serves me there was a freezer unit in the hallway also.


I didn't take pictures of the guest bathroom, laundry area or garage. At the end of the hallway from the kitchen you made a left turn into another hall. On the left was the door to the office area. This room held most of Maggie's Hollywood memorabilia. Quite by accident I came across a hidden doorway in that room. Behind the door was a wall full of Maggie's reel to reel films, movie and TV scripts and music. What a find! These pictures start from the left side of the office as you enter it.


I'm sorry now that I didn't take photos of the back of the house also. Across from the door to the garage was the door to the back yard. If you went out that doorway there was a beautiful hot tub to the right of the door. It had been a gift from some of the Vets Maggie knew.

Now lets backtrack a little bit. From the garage go back down the hall to the laundry area. Take a right going past the guest bathroom and bedroom. Make a short left into the kitchen. Cross the room. Between the nook and the refrigerator is one of the doors into the TEAM ROOM. Once through this door--if you walked directly forward you would go through the other door and be back in the foyer. BUT before leaving this area you have to know that this was Maggie's favorite room--her TEAM ROOM! It was wall to wall--floor to ceiling chuck full of so many awards, plaques, citations, letters, photos, etc of her military life. This is the room that the JFK Special Warfare Museum tried to recreate after Maggie's death. You've already seen some of these photos on the AWARDS page--now you can see more of this room. I apologize ahead of time for the poor lighting in these pictures. From the kitchen entrance to this room these photos are starting on the right side of the room going towards the front window, then along the far wall. The last photo on the right bottom line is the coffee table in the center of the room.




Before leaving the room these photos are along the wall to the left of the kitchen entrance headed towards the foyer.


Not to be left out of the photo snapping--here are Maggie's two dogs. Maggie was actually sitting on the sofa also but didn't want her photo taken since she was in her night robe so I promised to be sure she wasn't in the photo:


Last but not least--as you leave the TEAM ROOM and go through the door into the foyer once again there is still more memorabilia. AND if you go back through all the photos--especially those in the living room--you'll see that there were stacks of other framed items in the corners, behind the sofas--so many things and so little room to hang them up.




According to her last husband--Maggie's house was damaged beyond repair following the 1994 earthquake. He had the house torn down after Maggie died. Since Maggie's home no longer exists I felt now was the time to post my photos of the house she loved so much and opened to every Veteran imaginable.

Her widower built a mansion in its place. Photos of it can be found on my LINKS page. AND if that wasn't bad enough--after the 9/11/01 attack on our country he had the outside redone--although it has a patriotic theme now--I find it gaudy and I'm sure Maggie would also!

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