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You should be listening to a bit of "On the Road Again" which happens to be one of my favorite songs. 

Many entertainers went to Vietnam but few ever got credit including Maggie and Ann-Margret. But I'm so glad that someone put this link on the Internet so you too can read about Ann-Margret's Vietnam shows. Also this other page has Stars and Stripes photos of Maggie arriving.

Kay Francis went on a tour of military installations and camps throughout England, Europe and Africa during WW II with Maggie, Mitzi Mayfair and Carole Landis. There is a book about her life. Meanwhile please visit The Kay Francis Web Site to learn more about her and see some video clips.

Carole Landis joined Maggie on a tour of military camps during WW II. Carole wrote the book Four Jills in a Jeep which became the movie the four women starred in about some of their escapades on that tour. Carole has been honored by several people for her dedication to our troops. Please visit the following three websites to learn a little more about this actress originally from Wisconsin:

Carole Landis


More Warpics

Patriot Flight Inc. This is the New York State site helping WW II Veterans go to DC to see the WW II Memorial.

What a shock I had while reading my paper one day to see that Maggie's friend, Rosemary Clooney, had died at the age of 74. She was one of my favorite singers and I've seen her perform a few times on stage. I'd like to invite you to visit Rosemary Clooney to learn more about this wonderful singer and true friend to many. I recall Rosemary sending my Medals for Maggie committee money to help us in getting Maggie honored. Her brother Nick sent me a very nice note thanking me for my condolences when she passed.

James Robert Parrish He writes books about entertainers and is often interviewed on A&E Biographies about them including Maggie.

Here you will find links to various sites that will help you to learn more about Maggie.



Bio for Martha Raye You will have to do a search on her name because this site changes constantly.

Books about Vietnam You'll find my books about Maggie listed here along with many other books about the Vietnam War.

Col Martha "Maggie" Raye Doc Dentice made this site to honor our Col Maggie.

Dau Tieng Base Camp One of the many sites that also includes some info about Maggie.

Entertainer Martha Raye was a U.S. Army nurse rank of Colonel This is from after I responded to their query.

Honorary Green Beret's Awarded over the years That's RIGHT--her titles were all HONORARY!

Martha Raye Civilian Warrior A tribute to her by CPT Barbara Wilson.

Military Woman Links A wonderful set of links about military women that includes my old site about Maggie.

NO SUBSTITUTE FOR VICTORY This YouTube clip is a segment of the movie made in 1970.

Noonie Fortin's Home Page Here you'll learn more about Maggie and what Noonie does.

NW Vets Newsletter -- From Our Sisters A tribute to Maggie.

Tales and Whales Publishing This site has autographed books available that deal not only with Maggie but also other military topics.

Welcome to Martha Raye Webpage This site is a tribute to two Special Forces A-camps in Vietnam and they honor Maggie as well.

Welcome to U-Tapao This site has members from all branches, though mostly from the US Air Force, who were stationed at U-Tapao in SouthEast Asia. Since Maggie also flew in and out of this area I thought I'd add this link to help you get there too.

YouTube - Aboard the USS Ticonderoga CVA-14 Maggie visited the troops on the Ticonderoga!

Here are more links to learn about Maggie's civilian life:

All Star Revue A listing of the shows and includes the ones Maggie did.

CULT FILM SITE: Comedy Films A listing of old films including those that Maggie appeared in.

E! Online - Fact Sheet - Martha Raye This is another search site for celebrities. Maggie could be found here.

Happy Birthday, Martha Raye! Another YouTube clip.

INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT TAPE #28, SIDE #2 Go to the very bottom of this transcript to see what is said about Maggie.

I-Offer Here you can find Martha Raye items For Sale from her Movies & Television much like EBay!

John's Antique Mall A place to find many different types of articles including things about Maggie.

List of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Wikipedia's listing of the stars!

Martha Raye  This is the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, info about this amazing woman's life.

Martha Raye This is a YouTube clip of her Medal of Freedom Ceremony but it may have been removed already now that there is problems with copyrights!

Martha Raye Fan Pages My friend Danny made this site and it's great!

Martha Raye source Google Image Search of photos of her life.

Martha Raye--Unofficial Fan Page My friend Danny had also made this site to honor her.

Martha "Colonel Maggie" Raye Danny also made this My Space site honoring Maggie!

Martha Raye's Death I came across this site quite by accident and I'm glad I did. The webmaster actually has pictures of what had become of Maggie's Team House following the 1994 earthquake. Trust me--it's nothing like it was--speaking of which please visit my TEAM HOUSE page to see what the house looked like before Maggie got married in September 1991. Maggie must be rolling over in her grave in disgust with what is now standing where her treasured home once stood. Here are the pictures that can also be found on the website:

                                        1153FrontDoor.jpg (80982 bytes)

Miami Beach Real Estate Maggie's home in Miami Beach is up for sale--I'd love to buy it but sure can't afford it!

Musical Sounds of WW II Wonderful songs from that era including Maggie's.

The Bugaloo's This website page is dedicated to Maggie and has many photos of here as Benita Bizare.

The Old Time Radio Flier 02 "THE GOLDEN AGE OF RADIO" A nice photo and piece about Maggie here.

The World of Sid & Marty Krofft A place to learn more about the shows that Sid and Marty Krofft made which included Maggie.

TRIAL BY SONG MARTHA RAYE Hopefully this YouTube clip is still available--it's great!

UACC - Premiums A place to purchase memorabilia items including things that belonged to Maggie.

WIC - Living Legacy Awards Maggie received this award too.

Women in World War II Another site that mentions Maggie's efforts during that war.

YouTube Mark Harris on Howard Stern Show--but best part of this video is Maggie can be seen in it!

YouTube My friend Danny put together some of Maggie's film clips for your pleasure!

YouTube - Martha Raye--What's My Line One of the guy's I know sent me this link!

Recently I was requested to post a site on this page. I decided to do just that mainly because we are approaching Veterans Day and this site provides FREE greeting e-cards. So please visit 123 Greetings to see what they have to offer and send your Veteran friends a free card and thank them for serving our country.

Here are two links I mentioned on the Vets page to learn more about "Mrs. A" also known as Billye Alexander:

Billye Alexander A wonderful page to help folks learn about her.

Mrs A Memorial Welcome Page A real nice memorial page dedicated to her.

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