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For your listening pleasure, hopefully you are now hearing none other than Martha "Colonel Maggie" Raye herself singing her version of "Body and Soul."

Here is a list regarding Martha Raye's career on radio, stage, movies, and television, as well as her records & albums.


bullet1931-1935: The Chase and Sanborn Hour with Eddie Cantor
bullet1934: The Bob Hope Pepsodent Show
bullet1935: The Rudy Vallee Show
bullet1935-1939: The Eddie Cantor Pabst Blue Ribbon Show. This photo was taken either when Maggie did this series of program's with Eddie or his radio shows during the 1940s.

MaggieCBS1940s.jpg (24364 bytes)

bullet1936: The Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Show
bullet1936-1939: Al Jolson’s Show
bullet1939: The Tuesday Night Party
bullet1940-1949: The Eddie Cantor Show


bulletChez Paree, Chicago, IL
bulletLoew’s State Theater, New York City, NY
bulletThe Hollywood, Broadway, New York City, NY: Calling All Stars
bulletCasino de Paris, New York City, NY
bulletCasanova Cafe
bulletBen Mardene Riviera, Fort Lee, NJ
bulletWinter Garden Theater, New York City, NY: Sketch Book
bulletThe Trocadero, Hollywood, CA
bulletThe Famous Door, Los Angeles, CA
bulletShubert Theater, Detroit, MI
bulletParamount, New York City, NY
bulletMetropolitan Theater, Boston, MA
bulletFaye’s Theater, Providence, RI
bulletPalace Theater, Albany, NY
bulletLoew’s State Theater, Broadway, New York City, NY: Hold On To Your Hats
bulletRKO Theater, Boston, MA
bulletPalace Theater, Albany, NY
bulletThe Palladium, London, England
bulletHotel Capitol, New York City, NY
bulletFive O’Clock Club, Miami, FL
bulletThe Big Red Barn, Miami, FL: Annie Get Your Gun
bullet500 Club, Atlantic City, NJ
bulletTown & Country, Brooklyn, NY
bulletCopacabana, New York City, NY
bulletCity Center, NV: Annie Get Your Gun
bulletDrury Lane, Chicago, IL: The Solid Gold Cadillac
bulletSombrero Playhouse, Phoenix, AZ: Personal Appearance: Separate Rooms
bulletPittsburgh Light Opera House, Pittsburgh, PA: Calamity Jane
bulletWestbury Music Festival, Long Island, NY: Wildcat; also Call Me Madam!
bulletSt. James Theater, New York City, NY: Hello, Dolly!
bulletMill Run Playhouse, IL: Goodbye Charlie
bulletFlint, MI: Little Orphan Annie
bulletChicago, IL: Everybody Loves Opal
bulletChateau Deville, Windsor, CT: Everybody Loves Opal
bullet Alhambra Dinner Theater, Jacksonville, FL with Ron Jackson who supplied this photo: Everybody Loves Opal
bulletTom Play House, Mt. Park, Holyoke, MA
bulletColonie Summer Theater, Colonie, NY: Hello Sucker
bulletStorrowtown Summer Theater, West Springfield, MA: Hello Sucker
bulletShamrock Hotel, Houston, TX
bulletMinsky’s Burlesque Theater
bulletThe 46th Street Theater, New York City, NY: No, No, Nanette
bulletSardi’s Dinner Theater, Franklin Square, Long Island, NY: Everybody Loves Opal
bulletHamilton Place Theater, Ontario, Canada: Pippin--see MOVIES below
bulletColonie Summer Theater, Colonie, NY: 4 Girls 4
bulletSahara Hotel, Las Vegas, NV: The New 4 Girls
bulletCal-Neva Lodge, Reno, NV: The New 4 Girls
bulletStorrowtown Summer Theater, West Springfield, MA: The New 4 Girls
bulletDallas, TX: The New 4 Girls
bulletFort Bragg, NC: The New 4 Girls



bulletA Nite in a Nite Club--this was an 18 minute film that I never heard of before!


bullet    Rhythm on the Range--Paramount   


bulletCollege Holiday--Paramount

bulletBig Broadcast of 1937--Paramount
bulletHideaway Girl--Paramount


bulletArtists and Models--Paramount
bulletDouble or Nothing--Paramount

bulletWaikiki Wedding--Paramount

                    WaikikiWedding2.jpg (600897 bytes)

bulletMountain Music--Paramount
bulletCinema Circus--I never heard of this one either!


bulletCollege Swing--Paramount


bulletGive Me A Sailor--Paramount


bulletBig Broadcast of 1938--Paramount

bulletTropic Holiday--Paramount


bulletNever Say Die--Paramount

bullet$1000 a Touchdown--Paramount


bulletThe Farmer’s Daughter--Paramount
bulletThe Boys from Syracuse--Universal


bulletNavy Blues--Warner Brothers
bulletKeep ‘Em Flying--Universal



bulletFour Jills in a Jeep--Twentieth Century Fox--(L-R) Kay Francis, Mitzi Mayfair, Maggie and Carole Landis


bullet Pin-Up Girl--Twentieth Century Fox


bulletMonsieur Verdoux--United Artists


bulletBilly Rose’s Jumbo--Metro Goldwyn Mayer


bulletThe Phynx--Warner Brothers

bulletNo Substitute for Victory--this was a Vietnam War propaganda film!

NoSubstituteForVictory.jpg (379752 bytes)


bulletThe Concorde-Airport’79--Universal



Pippin--recorded on stage with Ben Vereen, William Katt and others at the Hamilton Place Theater, Ontario, Canada


bullet1948-1953: The Texaco Star Theater
bullet1950-1955 and 1967: The Colgate Comedy Hour
bullet10/2/50: Anything Goes
bullet1951-1953: The All-Star Revue
bullet10/12/52: The Bob Hope Show
bullet1953-1956: The Martha Raye Show
bullet9/22/53-6/70: The Red Skelton Show

bullet12/13/54: Dateline, Hollywood
bullet2/27/55: The Big Time
bullet9/25/55-6/6/71: The Ed Sullivan Show
bullet1958: The Steve Allen Show
bullet2/58: WABD-TV, NYC telethon
bullet2/59: WNEW-TV, NYC telethon
bullet1959-1960: The Big Party
bullet10/30/61: I've Got a Secret
bullet10/18/62: The Andy Williams Show
bullet3/7/63: The Andy Williams Show
bullet4/14/63: The Bob Hope Show
bullet10/25/63: The Bob Hope Show
bullet1964-1970: The Hollywood Palace
bullet1/26/64: The Judy Garland Show [Webmaster's Note 1: see additional info at bottom of page]
bullet4/17/64: The Bob Hope Show
bullet2/10/65: Burke's Law
bullet11/3/65: The Bob Hope Show
bullet11/8/65: The Comics
bullet1966: The Mike Douglas Show
bullet4/18/66: The Andy Williams Show
bullet11/9/66: Clown Alley
bullet1967: Dateline, Hollywood
bullet8/67: The Jerry Lewis Show
bullet9/11/67: The Carol Burnett Show

bullet1968-1975: The Milton Berle Show
bullet1969: The Mike Douglas Show
bullet2/4/69: The Joey Bishop Show
bullet2/17/69: The Bob Hope Show
bullet1970: The Lucille Ball Show
bullet9/12/70-9/2/72: The Bugaloos--she appeared as Benita Bizarre

bullet10/5/70: The Bob Hope Show
bullet9/13/71: The Bob Hope Show
bullet11/30/73: Love, American Style
bullet1976: Steve Allen’s Laughback
bullet2/15/76: McMillan and Wife--she portrayed Agatha
bullet12/5/76-8/21/77: McMillan
bullet3/20/77: Bing!...A 50th Anniversary Gala
bullet1/13/79: The Love Boat--she portrayed Irene Austin
bullet12/5/81: The Love Boat--she portrayed Zelda
bullet1982-1984: Alice--she appeared as Carrie Sharples, Mel's mother

bullet12/5/82: Circus of the Stars--Mickey Rooney and Maggie were the Ringmasters on this 7th annual CBS program.

Maggie&Mickey.jpg (25957 bytes)

bullet3/2/83: Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope’s Road to Hollywood
bullet3/31/85: Murder, She Wrote--she portrayed Sadie Winthrope


bullet1979: Skinflint: A Country Christmas Carol
bullet3/21/80: The Gossip
bullet12/9/85: Alice in Wonderland



bulletI Heard
bulletHow’m I Doin

5/27/39: Brunswick Label:

bulletStairway to the Stars
bulletOl’ Man River
bulletYou’ll Have to Swing It--better known as Mr. Paginini [Webmaster's Note 2: see additional info at bottom of page]
bulletMelancholy Mood

9/17/39: Columbia Label:

bulletJeanie with the Light Brown Hair
bulletBody and Soul
bulletIt Ain’t Necessarily So
bulletI Walk Alone

10/8/39: Columbia Label:

bulletOnce in a While
bulletGone with the Wind
bulletPeter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

3/20/42: Decca Label:

bulletPig Foot Pete
bulletMy Little Cousin
bulletThree Little Sisters
bulletOh! The Pity of it All

Discovery Label:

bulletOoh, Doctor Kinsey!
bulletAfter You’ve Gone
bulletMiss Otis Regrets
bulletLife’s Only Joy

Mercury Label:

bulletBlues in the Night
bulletClose to Me
bulletThat Old Black Magic
bulletWolf Boy


bullet 1951: Discovery Label: Martha Raye Sings
bullet 1954: Epic Label: Here’s Martha Raye
bullet 1962: Columbia Label: Movie soundtrack JUMBO

bullet 1969: Tetragrammaton: Together Again For The First Time [with Carol Burnett]


bullet2002: Martha Raye: Sweetheart of Song--though already deceased, some of her old songs have been remastered and placed on this CD!

Webmaster's Note 1: Additional information about The Judy Garland Show came to me from Robert Rechter in Australia. He saw the show recently on tape and said that Martha Raye blew him away--"she was hilarious." Her dance sequence was cracking up the chorus boys. I've seen the show also and it was very funny.

Webmaster's Note 2: Additional information about the song Mr. Paginini came to me from Dan Icolari. He said that this song is also associated with the great Ella Fitzgerald and is on one of her CD's with bandleader Chick Webb. Likewise Al Kato stated that "You'll Have To Swing It" was the actual title of the song but Mr. Paginini became the unofficial popular title along the way. Look at the actual "You'll Have To Swing It" sheet music!

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